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Vic Godard '30 ODD YEARS' Double CD Compilation

Release 3rd February 2014 on Gnu Inc Records

Introducing Vic Godard ’30 Odd Years’, two CDs of songs reflecting Mr Godard’s wayward yet extraordinarily varied and fruitful career to date as a songwriter, singer and musician*. We are taking you on an exhilarating, roller coaster of a ride with over three decades of musical genres which will hopefully leave you wanting more. It is almost impossible to summarize such a diverse talent, the plethora of material included in this collection spans the earliest Punk recordings with the first Subway Sect line up to Vic’s most recent collaborations with Catalan group Mates Mates and Davy Henderson’s Sexual Objects.

Always reluctant to pay lip service to ‘the music business’ or abide by it’s rules Vic has forged his own unique trajectory, veering off in unexpected, some have intimated perverse musical directions just when it seemed fame and fortune were calling, in fact Mr Bernard Rhodes for one made no bones about it! Vic Godard has chosen instead to stay true to the Punk ethos, refusing to dwell in the past and always keen to move on to the next musical challenge. With lyrics referencing the most diverse subjects and inspirations from ‘Blakey’ (On The Buses) to Gericault’s Raft, from Community Payback to Fouquet’s Undine.

The 42 musical numbers have been re-mastered for 30 Odd Years by Mike Coe and though biased we’ve got to say the sound quality is AMAZING. The songs were chosen by fans, friends, Vic & Gnu Inc and all bar two are studio recordings from 1978 to 2011, the majority sourced from previous releases. Setting off with ‘Don’t Split It’ the B side of Subway Sect’s first single on Bernard Rhodes’ Braik Records with lyrics by Rob Symmons, then on to more Punk, Jazz, the Edwyn Collin’s Connections and the Motion Records years, including slick cabaret jazz songs from Songs For Sale, big band swing courtesy of In Trouble Again, songs from End of the Surrey People & Long term Side Effect produced by Edwyn Collins, Sansend, 1978 Now, We Come As Aliens and up to ‘(Oh Alright) Go On Then’ one of the songs Vic wrote and recorded in 2011 with Catalan group Mates Mates, released in February 2013 on ‘Vic to Vic’ a three track 7” on famèlic Records. The collaboration is ongoing and a documentary by Lluis Huedo telling the story is expected soon.

No Vic Godard compilation would be complete without Ambition but Gnu Inc have gone off piste with a live version based on a slowed down Maggie’s Farm rhythm recorded with The Bitter Springs at Brentford FC’s Stripes Bar in 2004. The Springs also perform on two songs from ‘Blackpool’, the ill fated Godard/Irvine Welsh musical, the eponymous ‘Blackpool’ and the previously unreleased recorded version of ‘The Wedding Song’.

Vic’s Caledonian connections go back to the 1970’s and continue today so what better way to bring the musical tour to a climax than with a thundering live performance of Johnny Thunders by Vic and The Sexual Objects recorded at Stereo Bar, Glasgow, December 2012, part of the Vicism tour.

Beginning and ending with two of sorely missed Edinburgh poet Paul Reekie’s recordings for Sansend (Motion Records 2002) just seemed fitting.

Mr Godard has been accompanied on his musical adventures by a veritable smorgasbord of musical talent. Where else would you find Larry Stabbins and Terry Chimes on the same release?

Subway Sect: Bob Ward Paul Myers Rob Symmons Colin Scott Steve ‘Spartan’ Atkinson Johnny Britton Chris Bostock Dave Collard Rob Marche Sean McClusky Becca Gillieron Leigh Curtis Paul ‘Trigger’ Williams Sophie Politowicz Mark Laff Gary Ainge Kevin Younger Mark Braby Paul Cook The Black Arabs & Paul & Terry Chimes Pete Thomas & Jumping Jive Working Week The Bitter Springs: Simon Rivers Dan Ashkenazy Nick Brown Paul ‘Wizard’ Baker Paul McGrath & Phil Martin Mates Mates: Andrew Ribas Escandon - Andriu Luc Ma - Luca Ferran Font – Fim Jòrbel Errapicas - Erra & Pau Orri Comerma – Pau The Sexual Objects: Davy Henderson Douglas MacIntyre Graham Wann Ian Holford & Simon Smeeton And Ali Hakemi Clare Kenny Chris Biscoe Dave Morgan Dick Pearce Edwyn Collins Hamish Brown James Dutton Janan Kuba Jelena Djordjevic Jon One Cat Larry Stabbins Leroy Osborne Mike Carr Martin Duffy Martin Pines Nicholas Evans Nick Brown Paul Reekie Pete Saunders Virginia Astley Whitney Byng & Wiggy.

All in all we think that this collection gives an idea of the not inconsiderable and extensive talents of Mr Vic Godard, the breadth and depth of his lyrical penmanship and musical composition, in other words he’s a damn good song writer and not a bad performer either.

Vic will be promoting 30 Odd Years and 1979 Now throughout 2014 with gigs including Bristol, Stoke, Leek Arts Festival, Brighton, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Paisley, Preston, Manchester, Blackpool Rebellion Festival, 2 dates in Birmingham and more to be announced both in the UK and Europe.

Booklet/Cover notes by Marc Riley, Lee McFadden & Tracey Holloway, Michael White, Philip King & Kevin Pearce.

01 - Intro With Paul Reekie
02 - Don’t Split It
03 - Nobody’s Scared
04 - Parallel Lines
05 - Different Story
06 - Double Negative
07 - Vertical Integration
08 - Empty Shell
09 - Make Me Sad
10 - Stop That Girl
11 - Stamp of a Vamp
12 - Hey What’s Your Name?
13 - Crazy Crazy
14 - Spring is Grey
15 - T.R.O.U.B.L.E
16 - Stayin’ Outta View
17 - Ice On A Volcano
18 - Malicious Love
19 - Same Mistakes
20 - Won’t Turn Back
21 - No Love Now

01 - We’ll Keep Our Chains
02 - Common Thief
03 - I Wish
04 - The Writer’s Slumped
05 - Back In A Void Again
06 - At The Circus
07 - Americana On Fire
08 - Ambition
09 - That Train
10 - Stool Pigeon
11 - Why Did You Shoot Me?
12 - Derail Your Senses
13 - Not Watching The Devil
14 - Imbalance
15 - Blackpool
16 - The Wedding Song
17 - Music Of A Werewolf
18 - Take Over
19 - Back In The Community
20 - Best Album
21 - (Oh Alright) Go On Then
22 - Johnny Thunders
23 - Outro With Paul Reekie

*1979 Now - upcoming Edwyn Collins produced LP of Vic’s northern soul songs due for release in 2014.

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