NME. 8.10.77

Sect stumble, Slits excite

Subway Sect/Slits
Music Machine

By midday it wasn't going to be the underground event of the year with whispers under hands that the pistols would be playing. Don't some people live in hope? This then changed to the exciting prospect of a new wave jam at the end of the evening. Oh Gowd just what the world needs a punk super session. Mind you, Johnny Rotten would have been hitting his bongos in the dirt with Mick Jones on spoons for all I'd have known or cared. I left halfway through Subway Sect, complaining with loud voice that I didn't have to listen to this garbage.

It's funny because I love the Slits who worked on before the Sect. I love the very fact that these girls exist, and they are girls, real girls. When the Slits play, it's the definitive soundtrack to 1977; 'Shame', 'What a boring life', 'Love and romance', 'Vasiline', God it's great to be alive, a young rabid dog..

Where are we, Doctor? Oh, yeah. Slits were a wow but curiously, Subway sect nauseated me. Visually they are about as entertaining as fly paper; musically there as much fun as sitting inside a cement mixer with cotton wool in your mouth. I don't doubt there are lessons to be learned from Subway sect, but I always was a poor student - And let's have a big hand for the Music Machine - right around the face, a human ant hill and a 'I-want-a-drink Malcolm? (Get these bars sorted out!). Jane Suck