London Punk TapesSubway Sect - 'Can it be true' live at Harlesden Colisium 11/03/1977.

This track was recorded by Jordi Valls and was included in the London Punk Tapes exhibition in Barcelona in 2010.


During 1976 and 1977 Jordi Valls recorded live on nine audio cassettes some of the early punk gigs in London. These tapes, featuring The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Damned, Subway Sect, Billy Idol & Generation X, The Slits and Buzzcocks, capture the true sound of punk - raw, countercultural and subversive - as a phenomenon that had a radical impact on popular music and fashion, first in Britain and America, and then worldwide. Arguably the most interesting aspect of punk is its vital, visceral energy, and the demonstration that the only thing that really matters is the intention, the power of the imagination, and nothing more. This book is a witness of this movement. With substantial graphic material such as photographs, newspapers, cuttings, gig tickets, make up this big and valuable archive on a movement so intense as self-destructive.

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LINK: The London Punk Tapes - The Book

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