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Blackpool EP

Welcome to a site about the great Vic Godard & The many faced Subway Sect. Vic Godard (born Vic Napper in London, England) is a vocalist, Subway Sect frontman, songwriter & postman.

vic godard 1981

Vic's musical adventure which has taken him from post-punk to postman began in 1976 when he formed the Subway Sect with assorted South London soul boys. They formed at the suggestion of Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren (who wanted another band for the line-up of the 100 Club Punk Festival) after spotting Vic at a Sex Pistols gig. Despite their inexperience, Subway Sect made a successful debut at the festival. They went on tour with The Clash on their White Riot Tour in 1977, as well as becoming a regular feature on the new Punk scene. They released their debut single, Nobody's Scared' / 'Don't Split It, in March 1978 on Braik Records, a label owned by Bernie Rhodes, who managed both The Subway Sect and The Clash. Rhodes however subsequently sacked all the band except Godard and the original Subway Sect ceased to exist. The album was never released, although the classic single from the sessions "Ambition" was released on Rough Trade Records, with the B-side "Different Story (Rock and Roll Even)" also taken from the same sessions. The single was a major hit on the alternative charts. A further track "Parallel Lines" was released from these sessions as a track on the C81 cassette produced by NME magazine.

Godard re-formed Subway Sect in 1980 with new musicians and released the album What's The Matter Boy? Following a summer tour with Buzzcocks, Subway Sect disbanded again. They recorded the album Songs For Sale in 1981, but were disappointed with the results and disbanded soon after.

In 1985 Godard recorded an LP at Olympic Studios, called T.R.O.U.B.L.E., with London Jazz group Working Week, which was eventually released two years later by Rough Trade Records. The album contained a new set of songs in a Jazz/lounge style augmented by a couple of covers & re-workings of earlier Vic & The Subway Sect songs. Again sales were disappointing and Godard retired from music and became a postman.

In 1993, Godard recorded ten new tracks. The recordings eventually became the album The End of the Surrey People and was released on the Postcard Records label produced by and featuring former Orange Juice man Edwyn Collins and featuring the Sex Pistols' Paul Cook on drums. The album featured the song Johnny Thunders, a tribute inspired by reading the obituary of the New York Dolls guitarist who had recently died. But overall the album had a more Northern Soul and pre-Britpop sound.

Godard also joined the band Long Decline with Kenny Wisdom and ex Sniffin glue editor/Alternative TV frontman Mark Perry. The band released an album on the Overground label before disbanding in 1998, but re-formed in 2000 with Godard, Wisdom, Lee McFadden, and Mina Sassoon, among others. Godard contributed guitar and some songwriting, but not lead vocals.

In 1998, Godard released the album Long Term Side-Effect on Tugboat Records. In 2002, Godard & a new Subway Sect released the album Sansend, reflecting Vic's interest in Hip-Hop. Godard released the Singles Anthology on Vic's label Motion Records compiling all A-sides and B-sides from Godard's career in 2005.

In 2007, as Subway Sect, Godard recorded the songs that were intended for the debut LP back in 1978, and released them as 1978 Now. The line-up includes original drummer Mark Laff. Original bass player Paul Myers also features on some of the tracks. He also toured a few dates in support of this album.

2010 saw Vic self-release the 'Blackpool' EP and a new album, 'We Come As Aliens'. This first album of new material in eight years sees Vic being joined by Paul Cook (Sex Pistols), Mark Braby (Sidi Bou Said), Gary Ainge (Felt) and Kev Younger (Armitage Shanks). Buy here.

Vic Godard explained that material from the new album has been in gestation for over a decade.

"Rebellion Festival Blackpool the Sect enter the Winter Gardens and the title We Come as Aliens is born."

"The songs from the album have been evolving since the mid 1990s, with the exception of Francoise Hardys Et Meme, which I have wanted to record since 77. Some of the tracks have been included in live sets over the years with the various Sects, the oldest being Neer which I used to do when Bitter Springs were masquerading as Subway Sect. Takeover, Best Album, Et Meme and That Train have been part of the live set for a while now."

"A couple of years ago I recorded a demo of Et Meme and That Train with the Wet Dog Sect, but nothing came of it, but when I had Mark, Kev and Gary on board I knew I had the group to record the album."

"There are a variety of musical influences on WCAA, including Latin American (Same Plan), Northern Soul (Best Album), RnB (Life in the Distance) and Punk, whereas Music of a Werewolf is a step outside what Ive done before."

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