Love’s Rebellious Joy

Aug, 2011Posted by Vic


Heres a chance to hear Vic & the Sexual Objects allstars performing a one off gig in tribute to Edinburgh writer Paul Reekie. Exclusive to this site. Enjoy!

vic godard at love's rebellious joy - a tribute to paul reekie Edinburgh, August 2011.

Vic and the Super Sobs at Love’s Rebellious Joy - A tribute to Paul Reekie
Edinburgh August 2011

Gareth Sager              Guitar
Davy Henderson        Guitar
Simon Smeeton          Guitar
Graham Wann            Guitar
Douglas McIntyre      Bass
Russell Burn               Drums

Master of Ceremonies  Tam Dean Burn                            

Track List:
Outrageous Things
Rock and Roll Even
Stool Pigeon
Keep Our Chains
Nobody’s Scared
Parallel Lines
Chain Smoking

Recorded and Edited by Lee McFadden and Murray Ramone