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Vic Godard & The Sexual Objects

LIVE IN STEREO TOO. Glasgow 1.12.2012

Vic Godard
Cover by Ergon Ani featuring poster by Andrew Shaw

Live in Stereo Too’ is a recording (by Murray Robertson) of Sounds in The Suburbs 'Vic Godard and The Sexual Objects' Stereo, Glasgow gig from 1st December, 2012, one of four special live collaborations in 2012 featuring Vic and The Sobs.

It features all 21 tracks from that great night including The Sexual Objects opening set & the full Vic & the SOBS gig. Included is their cover of VELVET UNDERGROUND'S 'CANDY SAYS' as well as Sect classics AMBITION, OH ALRIGHT GO ON THEN & CHAIN SMOKING.

See more about VICism at Caught By the River by Kevin Pearce.


Photographs by Alastair McKay & Dean Taylor

Vic Godard & Sexual Objects

Davy Henderson- Guitar/Vocals
Douglas McIntyre- Bass/Backing Vocals;
Graham Wann- Guitar/Backing Vocals
Ian Holford- Drums/Backing Vocals;
Simon Smeeton -Guitar/Backing Vocals
and Vic Godard Vocals.

Recorded & Produced by Murray Robertson
Live Sound by Shona Marshall

Promotional videos by Tracey Holloway and Lee McFadden

35 years ago the Subway Sect performed in Scotland on the White Riot tour and to quote Davy Henderson, “things changed forever baby”. The effect Sect principal Vic Godard has had on Scottish lit.pop has resonated ever since, as evidenced by his recording associations with Scottish independent labels Postcard and Creeping Bent.

It all came full circle in 2012 with Vic.ism a series of events, the highlights of which were a series of gigs with Vic ‘Singing with The Sexual Objects’ . First, let’s go back, way back to May 1977 when the White Riot tour rolled into Scotland. The teenage punk cognoscenti in the audience were so enamoured by the Subway Sect’s grey treble glare and literary aspirations, that the prime movers went on to form the labels (Fast Product & Postcard) and groups (Scars, Fire Engines, Josef K, Orange Juice) that became known as ‘the Sound of Young Scotland’. Moving on to 1980 when Postcard’s Alan Horne bootlegged the Subway Sect’s performance in London at the Music Machine, he set in motion a chain that could be said to link Scottish independent pop music from 1980 to the present. Orange Juice worked up a cover version of an unreleased Sect song from Horne’s bootleg, a northern soul influenced number called Holiday Hymn. Orange Juice recorded it on their 1981 John Peel session for BBC Radio 1, and the rest is history.
The Creeping Bent Organisation has worked with Vic Godard since 1998
when Vic appeared live with Adventures in Stereo at the Royal Festival
Hall as part of an evening of Creeping Bent entertainment at John Peel’s Meltdown Festival.

Vic Godard’s influence on Postcard and beyond is indelible and every generation of Scottish independent pop group since has carried a torch for the Sect with lineage stretching from Orange Juice to the Pastels to Belle & Sebastian to Franz Ferdinand (and all roads in between).

Vic has also worked with Creeping Bent artists such as The Leopards, The Secret Goldfish, The Nectarine No9 and most recently with Davy Henderson’s band the Sexual Objects, a natural progression.

Creeping Bent Dec 2012