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vic godard 30 odd years

'30 Odd Years' is a valuable double anthology that traces the career of a rebel genius ( and a sophisticated one at that) British rock musician Vic Godard and his Subway Sect. The pieces that I have loved over the years are all there. The songs that remember best, 'Nobody's Scared ', ' Ambition ' and the wonderful ' Stop That Girl' are all there.

I was introduced to Vic Godard many years ago thanks to an album entitled 'A Retrospective ( 1977-81 )' released in 1984 by the prestigious Rough Trade label. I can write, without a shadow of a doubt, that it was love at first sight. I was struck, literally struck by lightning, the disjointed voice of Vic , so deep and warm ... So punk , rock and so much melancholy. A modern hero who should be remembered by young musicians and listeners.

His songs are a timeless and filled with life, melody, movement, rhythm and mental flexibility. The great Godard spans a pristine area where the rock poetry excels, so beautiful and unstructured. Yes we really need characters like Vic Godard who with his music on '30 Odd Years' reconciles music with beauty.

Claudio Baroni, Musica. Feb 2014


Musica - 30 Odd Years review