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The Blackpool EP.

Blackpool is the title song from a production that apparently didn’t go over too well in the limited run it had in Edinburgh back in 2002. Nevertheless, Godard didn’t want the songs he wrote for the production to be forgotten, and has seen fit to release the four song EP called Blackpool.

They were all co-written with Irvine Welsh.

"I first got together with Irvine over a cup of tea in North London to throw about some ideas for songs. Autumn 2001- there were 12 songs in the bag, but only 3 were used for the production, a blessing in disguise as it turned out. I can’t imagine why but the Citizens Theatre dropped out of the equation and Blackpool had 6 performances at the Gate Theatre Edinburgh in February 2002. It did not go down well and the reviews make it clear that the blame did not lie with the actors. The whole project slipped away into the night…. but I wanted to release the songs. The Blackpool numbers always went down well live so over the years I’ve got together with Bitter Springs when possible to record the Blackpool tracks. As this is this is still a work in progress, I decided to release the 4 finished tracks, featuring the Springs’ Simon Rivers on the Working Class Song and the legendary Jock Scot on The Sewer Song and so the Blackpool CDEP came about released on our micro label GNU inc."

Vic Godard, 2010

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1. Blackpool
2. Hand Jobs
3. The Sewer Song (Feat Jock Scott)
4. The Working Class song (Feat Simon Rivers)

Vic Godard & Irvine Welsh
GNU INC 2010 CD Single (GNU 002)

Performed by Vic Godard & The Bitter Springs