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An ongoing archive of interviews, links and reviews:

Water Rats, London, Good Friday, Review:
Interview with Viva Brighton magazine..
May 2013 Interview - Noisy Music

Watch 'Close' - A short film by Geoffrey Taylor - Songs By Vic Godard
NME 9.12. 1978
PAUL D. BRAZILL Short, Sharp Interview with Vic. Oct 2012,
New Europe Review Interview 2012
Mojo Dec 1995
NME July 78
Prefects vs Subway Sect
NME - Paul Morley interview, 4 March 1978


Subway Sect / Slits Review. NME OCT 1977
Subway Sect - Hated by Jane Suck in October 77.

'Manic Pop Thrills' interview . MARCH 2012,

Friars, Aylesbury
Friars, Aylesbury Website. Interview with Vic
about his connections with this classic venue

Review of the March 2012 Hyde gig
by Phil Singleton
. MARCH 2012

Subway Sect in Zig Zag
from "We Oppose' site

Review of the Le Trockson gig in Lyon. MARCH 2012
(English Version: (Via dodgy Google translation))

Review of the March 2012 Dundee show.. MARCH 2012

Review of the Feb York show from the Bradistan blog.

Edinburgh Review from the 'Vinyl Villain' Blog..

Douglas MacIntyre of Creeping Bent' fame
talks running & Subway Sect.

Famelic: Catalan site: Vic & Subway Sect page.

Your Heart Out
Kevin Pierce's blogspot piece on the Sects infamous Northern Soul show. Including a link to download the whole show! Now with fixed link!

Mudkiss zine: Review of Live & Rare.

'When Skies are Grey - the Everton Fanzine'
Live & Rare review by Graham. Open the PDF

1997 Vic Interview with Martyn from 'The World Of Hoopla'.

Nambucca, London gig review from STUPEFACTION blog by Daisy.

ZigZag piece from March 1979 with Robin Banks (Croker).

Interesting Melody Maker interview with Steve Sutherland from 1982.
Melody Maker 1982. Interview.

Original Subway Sect bassist tells his story of forming Subway Sect & his time in Sex Pistols spin off The Professionals.
Paul Myers interview with Phil Singleton.

Great interview with Rob Symmons from the original Subway Sect.
Rob Symons 'Enclave Fanzine' interview

The Fallen Leaves (Rob Symmons current band).
THE FALLEN LEAVES SITE. Includes upcoming shows, info and pics from original Subway Sect guitarist Rob Symmons' great garage band.

We Come As Aliens Reviews
We Come As Aliens reviews

Twenty Odd Years Reviews
20 Odd Years reviews from Mojo, The Express & more

Vic tribute & Leither mag on Paul Reekie
Vic Tribute / Leither Magazine

Liverpool Williamson Tunnels review
On the great Mudkiss site. and the Heart & Soul website .

Leither Magazine:
Vic collaborator Davy Henderson by Paul Morley

Anna Battista 2001 interview.

Erasing Clouds 2005 interview.
Anna Battista 2005 interview

2011 interview.
2011 interview. Source (as yet) unknown.

Mudkiss (unedited) 2010 interview.

Rebel Magazine interview.

Vic interview with Skank Productions online Zine, about Vic, Subway Sect and the Punk scenes Reggae connections. From 1999.
Skank Productions interview

Perfect Sound Forever ezine..
San Francisco writer ML Heath's piece on Vic & the Sect

Vic interview prior to the 2010 Dundee, Scotland date.
Manicpopthrills: vic-godard-in-dundee - Subway Sect


Vic on McLaren from
Vic Godard on Malcolm Mclaren

French blog piece.
Vic Godard vs Francoise Hardy

Review of The Subway Sect & The Sexual Objects - Herald Scotland.

Some pics of Vic at the buffalo bar

Some good pics and a mini message board on The Fall website .

JoBoxers website (Ex Subway Sect)
JoBoxers website