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Also a few copies of this Vic Godard & Mates mates single
availble via the Rough Trade site.

vic godard and mates mates single

Vic to Vic
Vic Godard & Mates Mates

1. Les Parts del Cos (Castaslasnas)
lyrics/ music by Mates Mates

2. (Oh Alright) Go On Then
lyrics Vic Godard/ music Mates Mates

3. Whip Rules
lyrics Vic Godard/ music Mates Mates

Released by Famèlic Records Barcelona

Digital Download 14th January 2013

7” Vinyl Single 1st February 2013

Mates Mates are:
Ferran Font Guitar/Vocals
Luca Masseroni Guitar/Vocals
Andreu Ribas Bass
Jordi Erra Drums
Pau Orri Trombone

The collaboration with Mates Mates had its origins in 2010, a Catalan friend Sam Can invited Vic and the Sect to play in Vic, a small town on the picturesque banks of the river Meder, around 40 km from Barcelona, renowned for it’s cultural events and festivals. Vic had been in Barcelona in the summer of 2010 for The London Punk Tapes Exhibition curated by Jordi Vallsand combined the Vic gig with Mates Mates supporting, with 2 in Barcelona organised by Jordi and his brother Marc Valls.

Vic really hit it off with Mates Mates and following the success of the gigs Vic arranged to come back in 2011 for a couple more, to stay on in Vic to write and record with Mates Mates and do some filming for a forthcoming documentary also called Vic to Vic, by Lluis Huedo. These three songs are the fruit of their labours, Vic sings in Catalan on Castaslasnas but reverts to English for Whip Rules and (Oh Alright) Go On Then. Marc Riley, a recent Mates Mates convert, has been championing the song and on Vic’s recent tour with the Sexual Objects as well as playing it for the Marc Riley session (available here) & (8th on Marc Riley show music played list) it was added to the live set and went down a storm.

mates mates & vic
Vic in Vic with Mates Mates, Yusef, Mark & Friends. 2011.

Filmed in Newcastle by Lee McFadden and Tracey Holloway

vic godard and mates mates single

Also available from April 20th: Caught In Mid-Stream

caught in midstream vic godard