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Vic Godard Live & Rare Volume 3 ‘VICLEKA’

GNUINC0011 London 2015 All Rights Reserved


Vic Godard 'Live & Rare Vol 3 - Vicleka' is the latest in the Live & Rare series of CDs with cover art work by Serbian artist and friend A.M. Leka.  Volume 3 is a collection of live and rare versions of the twelve songs featured in VicLeka, an exhibition of art works Vic has collaborated on with Leka  and recorded over the years with a cornucopia of line ups.

07. EMPTY SHELL 1980

All songs by Vic Godard except:
Track 8 - Vic Godard/Mates Mates
Copyright Control 



b Vic Godard & Subway Sect Live
Voodoo Rooms Edinburgh

Vic Godard – Vocals/Guitar
Kevin Younger – Keyboards
Mark Braby – Guitar
Paul Cook – Drums
Paul Myers – Bass

Recorded by Lee McFadden

Spent too long in this office
Talk about human zoo!
I think I’m turning into one of these crazy people
Doctor doctor what’d’ya want me to do?
Get out that door and go
Back in the community and take
Lessons in humility
Father’s sayin’ these are the forces of nature
Its there for the takin’
Mother’s sayin’ the moral maze wasn’t
Made to be fair for you
Karma teaches you to make use of
The feast of mistakes you’ll be makin’
Karl Marx sayin’ you are the means
Of production you know what to do
Up off your knees and get

Back in the community and take
Lessons in humility

Class marked out in this hi-viz
Going nowhere by stealth
Must be too may lettuce seeds
Bad for the mental health
Blakey sayin’ this is the book
For the maps of the routes you’ll be takin’
This is the clipboard
It tells me what time you’re due
So out that canteen can’t you see
The complaints they’ll be makin’
Eeaarghh Get that bus out Butler
Or I’ll have you
Get out on the streets and get

Back in the Community and take
Lessons in humility
I’m goin’ back in the community
I’m takin’ lessons in humility

I’m back on the brink now
I’ve sacked the shrink but
At least I’m thinkin’ again
I’m jackin’ the juice now
I’m back on the loose with my pen
Back in the community
Lessons in humility

Back In The Community, Music Of A Werewolf, Somewhere In The World and Take Over first came in to the VG & SS live set while they were recording ‘We Come As Aliens’ and are all on the LP, released in 2010, CD on Overground and limited edition vinyl on GNU inc (sold out). You will notice that on this live version of Back In The Community the lyrics vary from the original. This was as a result of a hissy fit, a tussle over some red wine, a walk out, a walk back in and a making up, it all added a certain frisson to this Sound in the Suburbs gig at the Voodoo Rooms Edinburgh.


n Vic Godard & Subway Sect Live
Green Door Store Brighton 09-10-2014

Vic Godard – Vocals
Kevin Younger – Keyboards
Mark Braby – Bass
Ian Holford – Drums
Yusuf B’Layachi – Guitar

Recorded by Lee McFadden

Not for the first time
Would I make a mess
And put my job on the line
But Robin Hood’s gone
In to the Blue Boar and
I’m not ready

Personality crises come
But slip my mind
My brain marries the best and worst of humankind

Cos I was always reading about a love struck LOVE STRUCK
In some alcove drafting poems
That might have been about
Another being in another hell
It ain’t hard to tell Petrus Borel

My tongue’s not bevelled

Herculean designs to tame and civilise
Are going up in a puff of smoke before your eyes

It’s either back to front KRISS KROSS
Hanging out

You’d better believe that from my boot straps

Right up to my nap
Like people say I’m a funny chap

Repeat Chorus

Always a favourite in the set, recorded for the highly acclaimed 1979 NOW! released on AED Records in 2014 to a great reception. Although assumed to have been written at the same time as Vic’s other Northern Soul songs in 1979, it wasn’t! It was written for 1979 NOW!
Brilliant art work by Andrew Paul Shaw.


Subway Sect  ‘1978 Now’
Original CD release on Overground Records 2007

Vic Godard – Vocals/Guitar
Paul Williams – Bass
Mark Laff – Drums
Leigh Curtis – Guitar

Recorded at K2 Studios Kingston Surrey by Paul Dowsett
Produced by Vic Godard

It's chainsmokin’
Life is chainsmokin’

He told me once or twice
That it's already planned
The things you can do with the human hand
When I was more concerned with the human brain
All he told me was life is a chain

It's chainsmokin’
Life is chainsmokin’

And if there's something you want
You will surely get it
Forces operate and won't let you forget it
And if this all seems a little pessimistic
You should go thither and play the mystic

But it’s chainsmokin’
Life is chainsmokin’

Oh won't you take me off this case God, or who
I don't conceive the same as you
I can't take any more concatenation
What's the use in will concentration

It’s chainsmokin’ 
Life is chainsmokin

Life is chainsmokin’
Life is chainsmokin’
Life is chainsmokin’

Chain Smoking and Eastern Europeans (Track 5) were tracks recorded for Subway Sect’s debut album thirty odd years ago in a Gerrard Street basement, called Gooseberry Studios. Later re-recorded for 1978 NOW, a faithful recreation of the early Subway Sect sound with Mark Laff back on drums. 


m Subway Sect first 7” released 1978 (Braik Records)
Produced by George Alexander

Vic Godard – Vocals/Guitar
Rob Symmons – Guitar
Paul Myers – Bass
Bob Ward – Drums

Everyone is a prostitute
Singing a song in prison
Moral standards the wallpaper
The wall is a bad religion
Media teach me what to speak take my decisions
Its how to find your inner-self time on the television

No-one knows what they're for
No-one even cares
We shout publicity hand-outs
Nobody's scared

The language we use is it what we want?
Does it not project the false?
The subject to object journeys mean
That a word loses course
We’re talking in cliches
Betraying ourselves for money
Having is more than being now
Nobody's sorry

No-one knows what they're for
No one even cares
We shout publicity handouts
Nobody's scared.

Subway Sect’s first single.


Subway Sect ‘1978 Now’ 2007
See Track 3 above

I take no acceptance of the hoardings I see
When I come along down that street
See I'd prefer not to take it
I'd rather have quotes directed at me
USA cigarettes they're looking at me
They sell the American dream
When all I see is a nightmare fallen apart at the seams

And we're afraid of the Eastern Europeans

Conglomerates tell you what to think
Role models peddle fizzy drinks
The little kids know their future stinks
You're pushing the world right to the brink
USA Pacific islander stitching jeans
For the American dream
When what we see is a nightmare
Falling apart at the seams

And we're afraid of Eastern Europeans
Government inspector is due in your sector
If he don't get satisfaction
People will demand action now!

Parasites earn astronomical sums
Workers they sweat and slave in the slums

Repeat chorus  


Vic Godard & Subway Sect Live
The Flapper Birmingham (04-10-2014)

Vic Godard – Vocals
Kevin Younger – Keyboards
Mark Braby – Guitar
Ian Holford – Drums
Yusuf B’Layachi – Bass

Recorded by Lee McFadden

Redact and pour.
Redact and pour
Music, music  Repeat

Getting in a tiz and blundering, wondering whether there’s a pen or pad about
Make a mental list of all those crazy little things that we was mad about
Always getting music losing it day in day out though
My latest brainwave being tape it figured fate may favour us
But if you think I stepped down off that craft, call me daft
Or see me clinging to Gericault’s raft, call me daft

Curriculum vitae rusty? Then it must be music, music
Ivory tower turned to dust? It must be music
Music of a werewolf

Nil desperandam of Horace more of us on chorus than in front of us
Then telling sorry stories of some half forgot­ten glories on a mini bus
Always getting music only to confuse its outcome
So rarely do we use it deign to let the words make plays for us
So if you see me step down off that craft
Call me daft
Or see me clinging on Gericault’s raft
Call me daft

Repeat chorus


j Vic Godard ‘What’s The Matter Boy’ LP MCA 1980

Vic Godard – Vocals
Terry Chimes – Drums
Paul Chimes – Bass
Session Musicians – Guitar and Keyboard

Recorded in Stamford Hill
Produced by Bernard Rhodes with Mickey Foote

You begin to talk there’s no one there
Did you ever see so many empty spaces?
I came across you on a rustic bench
You used to be seen in important places

Where do I go when the light grows dim?
Down the road on a stick?
What will I do when the pen runs out?
I make a start the dogs they bark
I wait and I wait and I wait and I wait

Empty shell I put another log on the fire its no fuel for you

The battle is done you’ve lost and won
Now you look so pale and eerie
Counting the hills till sunset comes
Looking out on to Cervione

I see the slope steeped with gully marks
And I erode within
An old man sits there tear in his eyes
He found his soul but lost his heart
I wait and I wait and I wait and I wait

Empty Shell
I put another log on the fire its no fuel for you

Watching The Devil (Track 11 below) was first recorded for a Peel Session and then rerecorded for What’s The Matter Boy with Bob Ward on drums, the only track on the LP he played on. Terry Chimes played drums on the other tracks including Empty Shell.


hVic Godard & Subway Sect Live
Voodoo Rooms Edinburgh 15-11-2014

Vic Godard – Vocals
Kevin Younger – Guitar
Mark Braby – Bass
Ian Holford – Drums
Yusuf B’Layachi – Guitar

Recorded by Lee McFadden

Got to love the way you do it
When you don’t know what you’re doin’ tonight
And you’re not afraid of playing and you know it don’t need to be tight
And you wade through muddy fields
With the shield sinking deeper and deeper
And a damned expensive habit
Never having had funds to feed her

(Oh all right) go on then

Coming from class clown ending up in the new museum
Throwing off another round when you’re young and Eastern European
Sing it softer for me love while I yearn for sound of silence
In a mythical fairyland where there ain’t no place for violence

(Oh all right) go on then

Middle 8- Reme -  Estadi - Els Caputxins - Sera Sant-Ferm - Vic Dos - El Sucre - La Guia - Montrodon 

And you don’t know what it is but this hill’s getting steeper and steeper
Writing stuff down on the paper getting looks like Tom the Peeper
Do you like lounging in the dark in a car, parking pen to paper
And then driving across the town to put it down only two hours later?

(Oh all right) go on then

Vic wrote and recorded Oh Alright (Go On Then) with Catalan group Mates Mates at a farmhouse in Vic. It was released in 2013 by Famèlic Records Barcelona on the single ‘Vic to Vic’ with Les Parts del Cos or ‘Castaslasnas’, lyrics/ music by Mates Mates and Whip Rules another song Vic wrote in Vic with Mates Mates.                            


Vic Godard & Subway Sect Live
The Silver Bullet 09-12-2010

Vic Godard – Vocals/Guitar
Mark Braby - Drums
Dan Ashkenazy – Bass
Kevin Younger – Guitar

Recorded by Lee McFadden

Mister Sam Beasley, the Master Sergeant
Lined us up in little rows like cabbage
You would suffer glad
Or they would deem you mad
Invite you to recite their adage,
Tea-leaf Keith sneaked
Gate full of teeth
Looking to all the world, a savage
The Post took him on
Regretting it from then on
Mail’s piling up inside
His garage – still

Somewhere in the world a body
Could be rockin’ to my vibrations
Somewhere in the world and that’s what made it all alright

Palladium stage there, Sammy Davis on it
In a suit made out of tonic
Round about the time Distel and them are flyin’
Up high above supersonic
The double-edged sword was
No one could afford to scramble
Up aboard the fashion
But they know how to make do
And know how to fake too
Brung up in a time of ration still

Repeat Chorus

The first time you get it together
Is the best time. the first time

Repeat chorus

Don’t look but there’s a ceiling up there
And it ain’t made out of papier mache
Just keep going son- you never know
You’ve only got to look at Bassey
Don’t shake a fuss then we can save for us
A genius that would never hack it
I know he’s got the sauce but if he had a horse
I’d be the last one to back it
But still



As Above 

System failure all but complete
Boarded up stores on the high street
Time for you humble living souls
To firmly grasp your beggin’ bowls
Economy sinkin’, need new thinkin’
Lets take over together people now

Answer stares you right in the face
Still you won’t pull out of the race
Time for you diamonds in the rough
To come out front and strut your stuff
No point in skulkin’ in doorways sulkin’
Lets take over together people now

Panic on old Threadneedle Street
It seems our pockets weren’t so deep
While number crunchers fix the sums
We’re out there scavengin’ for crumbs
Got tough choices for such young voices
Lets takeover together people now


Vic Godard & Subway Sect Live
The Accies Club Glasgow 24-03-2012

Vic Godard – Vocals/Guitar
Mark Braby - Drums
Dan Ashkenazy – Bass
Kevin Younger –Keyboard

Recorded by Murray Robertson

When all around me cooks
Pretend I'm readin' books
Tryin' to earn a medal
Then things pile up on me
I fly away to sea
Press every pedal
The strangers I could make
Would fill my life's estate
And push me off the level
Beat them at their own game
Is buzzin' in my brain
Until I think ‘the devil with my pleas my needs my greed’
‘The devil with my pleas my needs my greed'

Now I'm surveying things and re-arrangin' things
I go lookin' for another scheme of levels
Entertain some crooks and get some funny looks
I go back and start pressin' the pedals
I'm not watchin' the devil,I'm not watchin' the devil
I'm not watchin the devil
I'm just like anyone with a simple scheme of levels
I move from town to town and I'm
Not watchin' the devil

Then I began to see
They held no use to me
These public devils
A clutch of that I took
A clutch of this I shook
Pressed no more pedals
Until I lost command
Looked in a mirror and
Pinned on a medal
Now I'm in sympathy
With I monotony
Until I think 'the devil with my pleas my needs my greed'
'The devil with my pleas my needs my greed'................


Vic Godard ‘ Long Term Side Effect’
Original CD release on Tugboat Records 1998
Recorded at West Heath Studios London
Produced by Edwyn Collins 

Vic Godard – Vocals/Harmonica
Edwyn Collins – Moog/Guitar
Dave Morgan – Drums
Martin Pines – Percussion
Clare Kenny – Bass
Pete Saunders – Piano

When you’re tired and you feel sad
Knowing it ain’t the best
Just the best you can get
Do you slide or just fall down
Cause them’s the only choices you get

All of a sudden the rug’s taken
From under your arse
It’s a shame it’s that way
And you’re silently lonesome
Nothing sounds so soothing as death

Yeah that Zero Tolerance shit
Yeah that Zero Tolerance shit
What’s the plan?
We’ll just throw out shit
And anyone it hits’ll fit

So sublime to be self made
But what do you do with that sorry bunch here
Would you smile down upon us
Point us to the cake shop window

Wish I had a great mirror
Show you what you look like
With that scowl on your face
When you look over this way to me
Hiding behind your pretty lace   

Repeat Chorus    

The music for this was inspired by a 1960s/70s soap opera and the words were inspired by a speech from a newly elected New Labour politician. 

All lyrics by Vic Godard Copyright Control 

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