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vic Godard by A M Leka


 An Artistic Collaboration between A.M.Leka & Vic Godard

Vicleka An Artistic Collaboration between Serbian artist Aleksandar Mladenovic Leka and Vic Godard. It began when AM Leka had an exhibition in ULUS gallery in Belgrade of large scale hybrid paintings that were done in mixed techniques of collage, stencil, oil and acrylic on canvas “They were dedicated to artists (musicians) that I like to listen to and I listen to music all the time, in the studio, when I prepare breakfast, in car, etc.” says Leka, adding "The "portraits" were of Vic Godard, Vi Subversa from Poison Girls, Rob Lloyd from The Nightingales, John McGeoch from Magazine, Vini Reilly and Bruce Mitchell from Durutti Column". After meeting Vic in Vienna the idea of a joint exhibition was born.

The exhibition in the Gallery O3one is promoted by the CD ‘VicLeka’ Live & Rare Vol. 3 released by Vic Godard and Gnu Inc. It is a compilation of the songs that Mladenovic and Godard chose for this project and which inspired the images, with both studio and live recordings.

Leka has created limited box-set, the 'Vicleka' box, with prints and CD this limited edition is available to buy after the Belgrade exhibitions by contacting Mladenovic or Godard.


vicleka catalogueVicleka Official Catalogue [PDF]

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